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Terms & Conditions


This Terms & Conditions applies to users access to and use of the Lakо24 website. The domain name is .

Lеall Limitеd, 4 Elsham Terrace Haven Village, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 8PY, registered in England and Wales with number 10261570 is the owner, data controller and provider of

The present rules of Terms & Conditions come into force on July 1st, 2018 and are the legal agreement between the company Leall Limited, (and/or any of its agents, consultants, employees, officers and directors) and Users of site.


  • 1. The following terminology is used in the present Terms & Conditions having the following meanings:

    • “”, “Lako24”, “we”, “our”, “us”, “Site”, “WEB site” “portal” is information internet resource owned by the company Leall Limited, providing collection of information and intellectual property objects present in the information system, such as database, design, text and images content and etc. Access to the Internet resource can be made from different devices connected to the Internet via special software for the browsing the Internet address including domains of the next levels referring to this address.  

    • “User”, «you», «your» is a user of the Internet resources including the site, having ever made access to the Site.

    • “Terms & Conditions”, “Agreement”, “our Rules”, “Policies”, “Notes” is the present agreement, Rules for placing the ad as well as other regulations and documents governing the Site’s operation and determining the order of services  usage.

    • Services are functional facilities, services and tools available for Users in

    • Ad is an informative message containing offer of a Good (including contact information, photos or any contiguous information) placed by User on and addressed to other Users.

    • Good is any good, product, service, vacancy or other offer being an advertised object in the ad placed by a User on


  • 2. We are a platform where you can place your ads. We do not guarantee that your deal will be realized and  made successful. Information on our Site can have mistakes and errors. We do not take any responsibility for any loses connected with browsing, usage and operation of our Site.

  • 3. The present Agreement as well as information on goods presented on the Site is a public offer.

  • 4. Conditions of the present Terms & Conditions serve as a basis for the agreement between Users and the company Leall Limited, and/or any of their agents, consultants, employees, officers and directors. In case of reference to any of the points of Terms & Conditions in court and finding any of them illegal, all other points of Terms & Conditions are considered to be legal.

  • 5. You can use the Site services 24 hours a day.

  • 6. Agreeing to our Terms & Conditions you confirm that you are using the Site for legal purposes only.

  • 7. Potential Users of Lako24 are obliged to observe the laws, not to break Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, not to place any threatening, provocative, insulting, fraud information as well as breach third parties rules.

  • 8. will not tolerate any abusive actions towards the Site itself, its employees, or its operation and retains the right to warn, limit access to the Site, block or delete User’s profile. In case of the attacks Lako24 has the right to take legal  measures.

  • 9. If a User noticed any mistakes, errors, discrepancies, fraud, illegal actions and breach of the present Terms & Conditions he/she must immediately inform the Site via Help Center.

  • Lako24 Rights & Responsibilities

  • 10. neither controls nor takes any responsibility for the content and activity of Websites has links to.  

  • 11. is not responsible for your losses directly or indirectly connected with the Site, including third parties linked with our Site activity.

  • 12. is not responsible for any advice or information, text and images content presented on

  • 13. Once an advert has been submitted will endeavour to put the advert live as soon as possible, but we reserve the right to refuse or delete adverts we believe are inappropriate in terms of observing Terms & Conditions rules.

  • Registration & Profile Rules

  • 14. We do not take any responsibility if legal person registers as a private person on our Site. Users are responsible for taxation, documentation or any administrative infringement issues themselves.

  • 15. A User, company, society or a group of people placing ads in general interests are permitted to have not more than one registration (profile).

  • Force Majeure

    1. 16. Site activity can be interrupted in force majeure situations like act of God, explosion, earthquake, fire, strike, terrorist attack, decisions of public authorities, lack of electricity or the Internet supply as well as other situation out of our control.


    1. 17. All copyright on the pages, texts, photos and database on the Site are the property of and Leall Limited. They are under control of and Leall Limited.

    2. 18. Design, structure, content and images as well as technical specifications of the Site can be changed any time without agreeing with Users.

    3. 19. Lako24 trademark, names, logos, design, style, content, images, HTML codes are marks of Leall Limited. It is forbidden to copy, repeat, relocate, download, adopt or change any information on The same regulations apply to third parties rights protecting their intellectual property.

    4. 20. To change any information on the Site it is necessary to get a written agreement from Leall Limited.

    Technical Service

    1. 21. The Site will periodically be under technical service. In connection with that there can be temporary interruption in the Site’s operation. We will try to limit technical service time to minimum.

    2. 22. In cases when due to technical service such paid options like adding paid photos, Top ads, highlighted with color or bold, Bump Up, Urgent Ads, Renew the Ads or Show as a Banner were not performed will consider your claim and refund your payment for the service we fail to provide (after mandatory submission of payment proof) within 10 working days.  

    3. 23. If the interruption of Site’s operation is due to our fault the term period of ads will be prolonged for the inactivity period. In case of the Site’s offline due to User’s  browser or the Internet provider fault, is not liable for any User’s inconveniences or losses.

    Legal Rights

    1. 24. Terms & Conditions do not affect your legal rights. Advice about your legal rights is available from your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Trading Standards.

    2. 25. If you do not accept Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, you must immediately stop using the Site. In cases when any of points in Terms & Conditions are not being used, this does not cover all other points of Terms & Conditions.


    1. 26. All arising disputes must be first discussed with

    You agree that any claim or dispute you may have against must be resolved by the courts of England and Wales.

    Posting your Ads

    1. 27. Information offered for publication in by Users must be truthful, legal and real. Content of any ads in must comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice (CAP) and all other codes under the general supervision of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) requirements.

    2. 28. As we cannot always check truthfulness of any information in ads published by Users we put all responsibility for any losses obtained by on Users if the information in the ad is incorrect.

    3. 29. is not liable for any mistakes, errors, discrepancies or shortage or anything connected with information when placing the ad by User.

    4. 30. retains the right to moderate, delete and classify ads.

    Change, edit, renew, classify your Аd

    1. 31. Ads editing or correction is impossible after payment and confirmation clicking on “Continue publishing the Ad” in the last stage of placing the ad as well after the ad has been published.

    2. 32. In case if a User renews an ad the fee for advertised good or services and time period of placing an ad can be changed.

    3. 33. Lako24 can shift an ad to the corresponding category. In this case the ad will not be deleted but fee can be amended. In case of any changes in ad fees, a user will be informed by email about it and after payment, subtotalling difference in fees, will be placed on the Site.  

    Deleting your ad

    1. 34. In case when an ad is placed by mistake a User can delete it. A User is liable for this and does not return payment for this ad including paid options for ad promotion.

    2. 35. A User can delete his/her ad at any moment before the expiration date for the ad and/or paid options any time without agreement with the Site.

    3. 36. does not accept and deletes Users’ ads in the following cases:

    36.1. Those breaking the laws, general ethical norms and behaviour rules.

    Those ads where required fields are not filled out in a correct way or containing incorrect, false information.

    36.2. Those ads which are put into the wrong or partly wrong section. If there is not any appropriate section it is allowed to place an ad to the closest in meaning section in the option Other..

    36.3. Ads which are repeated many times with the same content or links. When placing many ads each text should be unique.

    36.4. Ads with links to the pages with no reference to the ad’s object as well as non-informative pages with outdated content or low quality or overloaded by internet counters, advertisements or links to other pages.

    36.5. Those ads which cause many complaints.

    36.6. Those ads which are discriminating based on age, race, gender, disability, religion or belief.

    36.7. Ads aimed to collect users’ details.

    36.8. In any way breaking author’s rights or trade mark rights.

    36.9. It is forbidden to sell stolen items on our site.

    36.10. Containing links to resources with incorrect service of visitors, opening pop-up windows, offering toolsor software designed to send spam, switching on ambient sound or performing another incorrect actions towards visitors or information system resources оffering goods or services not permitted to be published on


    • There a link to the page offering registration or filling up the form or questionnaire.

    • There is a link to the site in the ad with offers of alcohol even if there is no information about them in the ad.

    • Clicking the ad there opens page other than that indicated in the ad and/or readdressing or such page opens additionally.

    36.11. Ads arising distribution of unrequired correspondence, advertising booklets or any type оf other meddlesome advertising and aggressive marketing.

    36.12. Those ads which require full or partial prepayment for a product or service.

    36.13. Ads which are repeated many times where there is reference leading to page 1 of user’s page. Reference to the concrete item published in the ad is permitted.

    36.14. Ads without exact detailed description of the item, service or vacancy or without indication of important details (i.e. condition, product quality, functionality, material, size,  usage nuances, permitted application area) and it is impossible to see those parameters on the photo or when text or photo are misleading about them.


    • There is no information about status and condition in the ad selling real estate as well as no photo applied.

    • It is not indicated in the ad on furniture sale that some components on the photo differ from those supplied.

    • It is not mentioned in the ad about car sale that it was in the accident.

    36.15. Ads offering more than one item of service or product, or ads of a general character (i.e. “Any houses”, “various models”, “a lot of types of shoes” etc.). Only one title of the product or service with exact price and detailed description is permitted in one ad. Only one item described in the ad is permitted to be on the photo applied.

    It is permitted to place an ad without observation the regulations in the subcategories Other, Repair or Services, Construction Works, Transportation/Shipping/Delivery, Special Needs Education, Tutoring, Auctions, Online Shops.

    36.16. Ads containing in texts (excluding special fields) photos, emails, references or other contact details.

    36.17. Containing offers of

    • cigarettes, cigars, loose tobacco, electronic cigarette filters;

    • alcohol;

    • any drugs including prescription ones and designed to help those who take drugs, legal highs and bongs, precursors;

    • controlled medicines;

    • human and animal parts or services (such as organs, blood, sperm, eggs, bone and waste, donor, fertility and surrogacy services);

    • sex toys and videos (We don’t allow adult or sexual services);

    • used underwear;

    • capital bonds;

    • dangerous or harmful substances and chemicals;

    • red diesel;

    • security tags remove items;

    • pharmaceuticals and supplements, cosmetics ( Botox, contact lenses ) and products not CE certified;

    • all kinds of guns including air guns, replica guns and silences as well as ammunition and hunting equipment, weapon and knives ( excluding cutlery sets ), historical and ornamental weapons and swords and any other items for Hunting and Sports as permitted in the list;

    • votes;

    • any kind of fireworks;

    • any kind of tickets and e-tickets: football, train, coach, bus, lottery, festival;

    • gas meter seals;

    • unlocked hardware and software and unlocking software;

    • hate, racist, Nazi or agitation organisations;

    • parking permits;

    36.18. On any languages except English or having many mistakes in the text.

    36.19. Ads offering products or services requiring licenсe if the ad does not contain exact contact information in the Ad about the company and licenсe number of the offer.

    36.20. Price quoted in the ad is not real or there is no indication of additional expenses required. Price in the ad should be final without any additional conditions.


    • a new mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 for sale, negotiable price, price is 5 pounds.

    • price does not include VAT (for legal bodies)

    36.21. Having text with Caps Lock words or parts of words in the first line of the ad.


    • A NEW vacuum cleaner on SALE.

    • House To Let. Lovely Price.

    36.22. Usage of slangy abbreviations is not permitted in the texts of the ads.


    • “sfs” – still for sale

    • “selling boots 4 fishing”

    • “The CEO wants ttl. wrldwd stsfctn @ sls w/o wst.” – The Chief Executive Office wants total worldwide satisfaction at sales without waste”

    Smiley symbols are also forbidden to use in ads.


    • :)

    • 👀

    • 👢

    36.23. Containing service symbols, spare space bars, full stops, set of identical or meaningless letters in the first line as well as the text not linked with ad’s content.


    36.24. To write words like Sale, Special Offer, Super Offer and other marketing expressions aimed to attract attention to the ad in the general list is forbidden as well as information not directly referred to the product being sold, i.e. name of the shop, address, etc in the first line of the ad is forbidden. To highlight your Ad you can use special paid promotion options. Ads with emotional text, exclamations, slogans, catchwords and stage questions are not permitted. It is not allowed to use exclamation and question marks and other symbols for attraction of attention. Ads text should be strictly informative.

    36.25. Ads from employment and personnel agencies about auctions. Ads services and those containing references, ads, and logos in the texts and on the photos applied except those categories in special sections agreed by Publications of links to the Internet pages containing references to the other ads sites.

    36.26. Ads with contorted meters of car mileage or with wrong mileage, with hidden/changed number plates on the photo or without them or any other fraudulent actions.

    36.27. Ads offering goods and services without any value (demand) or absurd by content.


    • Change dirty mop to smashed lemonade bottle

    Animals & Pets

    1. 37. We do not accept ads selling animal parts and animal traps (except fish traps and pony traps), puppies younger than 8 weeks old, delivery of animals and pets (except licenced companies), animals and pets which need licences for ownership but miss them; if the bitches are younger than 12 months. By agreeing with Terms & Conditions you agree that you have the licence from your Council for having breeding farm. If you are advertising an animal which is listed under Annex A of the CITES regulations for endangered species (such as some tortoises, snakes and birds), you must state in the ad that you have a valid article 10 certificate. You are not permitted to sell any types of monkeys. We do not accept adverts for any wild caught animals or any animals which come under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act.

    Photos & Images

    1. 38. We do not accept photos:

    • of a low quality with unclear object image.

    • presenting general view when the object is among other objects and is not dominant.

    • with writings or elements preventing from viewing of photos was disagreeing with their esthetics.

    • with logos, contacts and addresses, any fakes, replicas or trademark items.

    • not corresponding to the object in the ad. There must be the exact product from the ad presented on the photo. Pictures of analogous items from catalogues or from the Internet are not permitted.

    • having too bright background, unnatural colours or other elements to attract attention in the general list of ads.

    • with collages containing some photos collected in one picture. having images of parts of the body.

    Special Condition

    1. 39. Browsing and placing ads in the category Dating is allowed to persons 18+ only.

    2. 40. It is forbidden to place ads for jobs in video chats, erotic photos or video as well as sex services of any type.

    3. 41. All ads quoted above in Part 35 will be deleted by Lako admins. In case of severe or repeated breaks of rules access to ad placement can be closed.


    1. 42. has the options of paid and free ads. The Site offers paid options for promotion and highlighting of ads. Fees for ads and promoting options depend on category, term, deal type, extra functions and status of person placing an ad (legal or private). You can choose the type of an ad as well as promoting options including the fees after display of the total cost for the ad before completing the process of placing your ad.   

    2. 43. retains the right to change fees, determine the status of free or paid ads, provide discounts or promotions.  

    3. 44. If User’s ad was deleted after a check does not return the payment and retains it in full amount. The reasons for retaining the payments by administrators are as follows:  breaking of Terms & Conditions when placing an ad, breaking laws, moral or ethical norms, fraud and repeated complains from other Users of the Site.

    4. 45. In cases when a User aiming to disguise breaks the rules, generates many accounts but admins have to make additional efforts to find and block them, such user can be charged extra.

    5. 46. In case of deleting an ad by a User before its expiration date retains the payment made in full.

    6. 47. If a User places a new ad after deleting the previous with the same or different content in the same or different category or location an unused fee for an ad and promoting options as well as the term  do not apply to another ad or another User.

    7. 48. If deleted an adi for the reasons of doubling ad fees and promoting fees are not to be refunded.

    8. 49. If deleted an ad placed in the wrong category ad fees and promoting fees are not to be refunded.

    Third Parties

    1. 50. In accordance with The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 third party cannot make any amendments in the conditions of the agreement between a User and Lako24 (Leall Limited), unless it is included in this agreement as a third party.

    2. 51. can share information with third parties of the Site.   

    Cooperation with third parties allows to stimulate the growth of potential Site Users.  

    1. 52. has partners as third parties for advertising, informative, website servicing, promoting, delivering, payment services, administrative and other purposes on part-time and full-time basis, contractual stipulation between and third parties.

    2. 53. It is forbidden to provide access to third parties and those banned due to legal reasons via your Account.  

    3. 54. In cases of deals using the Site we do not interfere and are not relevant to any further deals made between you and third parties.

    4. 55. If you access our Site through a third-party such as Facebook, Google++, etc., you are obligated to comply with the third parties’ Policies as well as these Terms & Conditions.


    1. 56. Lako24 may publish additional policies related to specific services such as mobile App, forums, contests of loyalty programs. Your rights to use such services is subject to these specific policies and these Terms & Conditions.

    2. 57. Using our Site you agree with Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. retains the right to correct, amend, add and renew the present Terms & Conditions any moment without preliminary agreement and warning of Users and come into force from the moment of publication on the site.